Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Anarchist Collective Village

By now, everybodys tired of having to worry about money, "paying your bills," and the financial crisis.  Im hoping to build a village where everybody grows their own food and money doesnt exist.  I just need people that want to live their and help me build it.  Everybody will have public (untreated) water, and probably electricity.  I expect to have a hospital, fire & ems, and POLICE (not really).  Also, yall will have to probably live in tenement longhouses, or yurts, or whatever you want to live in.  So if youre dependent on microwaves and electric stoves dont bother planning on living there.  Because it will feel like your living in 1900, not 2011.  Execpt for computers and TVs, yall will still be able to have them, but nothing that uses alot of power, because i cant make that much electrictiy.
Do you think this sounds like a good idea?

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